The Morally Compelling Discernment of God’s Diachronic, Covenantal Plan

by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon How should we understand the necessity (the dei—Mark 8:31) of Christ’s suffering and death? We should begin, I believe, simply by inquiring how we actually know of this necessity. We commence with the fact that this “must” is known to us only through Jesus. Theology has no access to it […]

Christians Do Not Believe in Kismet, Fate or Destiny

by St. Nikolai Velimirovich Christians do not believe in kismet, fate or destiny. Even if God determines the chief lines of our life, He, according to our prayers and merits, can change them. Thus, He prolonged King Hezekiah’s life for fifteen years: “Go and say to Hezekiah, thus said the Lord, the God of David […]