What is the Human Nous?

by Fr, John Romanides The chief concern of the Orthodox Church is the healing of the human soul. The Church has always considered the soul as the part of the human being that needs healing because She has seen from Hebrew tradition, from Christ Himself, and from the Apostles that in the region of the physical […]

Christians Without Noetic Prayer

by Fr. John Romanides Christians who do not have noetic prayer are not intrinsically different from believers in other religions. The only factor that makes such Christians different from believers of other religions is that these Christians intellectually believe in Christ and merely accept Christian doctrine, while the believers in other religions do not accept […]

Orthodox Christianity and Superstition

by Fr. John Romanides  In the early Church, there was no special or official healer, because every Christian was a healer. Healing was the mission of the early Church. The missionary effort of the early Church was not like that of today’s Orthodox Church, which sometimes consists of advertising our beautiful beliefs and traditional form […]

What is the Difference Between Orthodox Christians and Heretics?

By Fr. John Romanides Now from the standpoint of tradition, modern Orthodoxy and traditional Orthodoxy are not the same. Of course, they share something in common – the Bible – but that is only part of tradition. The question remains: what is the essence of tradition? What is the core of tradition? You will find […]

All Planets the Same

By Fr. John Romanides This first appeared in the Boston Globe  on April 8, 1965. I can foresee no way in which the teachings of the Orthodox Christian tradition could be affected by the discovery of intelligent beings on another planet. Some of my colleagues feel that even a discussion of the consequences of such […]

Not A Licensed Theologian

The following story is recalled by a former student of Fr. John Romanides: Some fifty years ago, when I was a student at the theological academy, our professor of Dogmatics, Father John Romanides, told us a story about his student days at the Theological School of the University of Athens. In order to obtain his […]

The Term “Kingdom of God” is Not in the New Testament

by Fr. John Romanides Both fundamentalist and non-fundamentalist biblical scholars, who have been victims of Augustinian and Carolingian presuppositions, become prone to misunderstandings of what they read in the Bible, especially when terms and symbols denoting glorifications which produce prophets are alluded to. A classical example is 1 Cor. 12:26. Here St. Paul does not […]

The Works of Fr. John Romanides

By Metropolitan Hierotheos Vlachos Occasionally, some people critically assess the theological works of the blessed professor Fr. John Romanides, and they express some views, especially recently, over his perception of theological and spiritual issues. It is weird that such assessments are being made after his repose, when he himself is no longer able to reply […]