The Who’s Who of the Great Canon of St. Andrew of Crete

As we approach Great Lent, the time given to us specifically for repentance, the Church gives us a whole host of images to help us. St. John of Kronstadt teaches that: “Imagery or symbols are a necessity of human nature in our presently spiritually sensual condition; they explain [by the vision] many things belonging to […]

He Who Hung The Earth Upon the Waters

This weekend, we meditate on the meaning and the power of the Holy Cross. This is a recording of our father, Archbishop Job of Chicago singing the 15th Antiphon at Matins for Great and Holy Friday 2009. We include it for your own spiritual edification. Contemplate this worthy meditation on the Cross in anticipation of […]

Preaching Orthodoxy In The Modern World

by Fr. Stephen Freeman Originally titled “Living Orthodox in the Modern World,” this article from the blog “Glory To God For All Things” is worth reading. The reason I have reposted it here is simple: We are here, now, and have been placed here by God, for whatever reason, to preach the Gospel to the […]

Biblical Theology & The Sacrament of Penance

By Rev. Dimitriy Yurevitch 1. Essential aspects of the Biblical doctrine of repentance The doctrine of Repentance is represented in different books of the Old and New Testament. There it is set out with different degrees of fullness depending on historical conditions as well as on the sacred authors? purposes and objectives. Philologically it is […]

When Your Mind Wanders During Prayer

by St. Theophan the Recluse Our father among the saints, Theophan the Recluse, (d. 1894) was the bishop of Tambov in Russia. He was a prolific author, especially on the subjects of the Christian life and the training of youth in the faith. In order to facilitate the development of true prayer, take these steps: […]

Sermon on the Burial of Our Savior

by St. Amphilocius of Iconium Delivered on Great and Holy Saturday 1. Let us commemorate today the solemnity of the burial of Our Saviour. He has undone the bonds of death of those who were in hades, filled hades with His splendour, and roused from sleep those lying there; and we on earth rejoice exultant, […]

What Did Christ Pray in Gethsemane?

By Saint John Maximovitch Our father among the saints, John Maximovitch, was a diocesan bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (ROCOR) who served widely from China to France to the United States. Countless miracles have been attributed to this holy bishop, both during his lifetime and since his repose. When the Lord had […]

Confession and Communion

From a discussion with the students of the Moscow Theological Academy at the Lavra of Saint Serge with the Metropolitan of Nafpaktos and Saint Vlassios, Hierotheos Vlachos. Question: How many times a year must one receive Holy Communion? Is the Sacrament of Confession necessarily tied to Holy Communion? Answer: Holy Communion is not absolutely linked […]