On Almsgiving

by Matushka Elizabeth Perdomo Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving are the three pillars of the spiritual life and most especially of the seasons of preparation such as Great Lent. What is almsgiving? Why must we give alms as part of our Christian life? See the answers below. Alms From OrthodoxWiki Alms or almsgiving is the giving […]

A Preparation For Confession

by Saint Nicolas Varzhansky During Great Lent, and the other fasts of the Church Year, it is customary for all Orthodox Christians to go to confession to their priest. Properly, this should be done several times a year, the exact frequency depending upon how often one is blessed to receive the Holy Mysteries and on […]

Sermon on the Sunday of the Cross

by Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh His Eminence Metropolitan Anthony Bloom (1914 – August 4, 2003) was bishop of the Diocese of Sourozh, the Russian Orthodox Church in Great Britain and Ireland. He wrote masterfully about Christian prayer, and many Orthodox Christians in Great Britain and throughout the world consider him to be a saint. In […]

On The Veneration Of The Precious Cross

by St. John Maximovitch Our father among the saints, John Maximovitch, was a diocesan bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (ROCOR) who served widely from China to France to the United States. Countless miracles have been attributed to this holy bishop, both during his lifetime and since his repose. During this year, we […]

What Is Necessary For A Saving Confession

by St. Innocent of Alaska Our father among the saints Innocent of Alaska, Equal-to-the-Apostles and Enlightener of North America (1797-1879), was a Russian Orthodox priest, bishop, archbishop, and Metropolitan of Moscow and all Russia. He is known for his missionary work, scholarship, and leadership in Alaska and the Russian Far East during the 1800s. He […]

Concerning Thoughts

An Excerpt from Exomologetarion (A Manual of Confession) by St. Nikodemos the Hagiorite Our venerable and God-bearing Father, Nicodemus of the Holy Mountain (or Nikodemos the Hagiorite) was a great theologian and teacher of the Orthodox Church, reviver of hesychasm, canonist, hagiologist, and writer of liturgical poetry. St. Nicodemus reposed in the Lord in 1809 […]

Why Should I Confess My Sins To A Priest

by Fr. John Dresko A priest of the Orthodox Church in America, Fr. John first published this excellent little article in March 1995. Great Lent is now upon us. It is a time for what Fr. Alexander Schmemann (of blessed memory) called “bright sadness.” It is a time, above all, for reflection and movement back […]

A Catechism on Confession

As each of us clergy/preachers prepares not only for our own confession, but to exhort and encourage the repentance and confession of our flock, I thought this article would start off a series on Confession nicely. This was originally published in the publication “The Shepherd” published by the Brotherhood of St. Edward the Martyr, London, […]