On Homiletics

by Protopresbyter Valery Lukianov The first video lecture in a series of videos to come thanks to the Pastoral Resources Program. In this lecture, Fr. Valery speaks on homiletics, the impact it can have on the souls of parishioners, as well as how we can cultivate this spiritual practice in an effective and edifying way. […]

Homiletics – Just a Practical Subject?

by Peter Mead This short article expresses my own experience and feelings about homiletics so well, I had to republish it. I recently heard a comment I’ve heard at various times and in various forms. Essentially it was a reference to homiletics as if it were a subject of tips for public speaking, a merely […]

Breaking Into The Future

MATCHING GRANT DONATIONS ACTIVE NOW! As we passed our 5th year of online work in Orthodox homiletics, I was about to close up shop. I’d spent countless hours, phone calls, emails and resources writing, editing, reviewing and publishing a multitude of articles, essays, helps, and sermons – all for free – in an easy to use (and […]

D. Min. Distance Learning Program Applications Being Accepted

Finally a program for advanced homiletics study at an Orthodox institution. This is your chance. If you take preaching seriously, you should seriously read this and consider an application. St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary here is now accepting applications from priests, chaplains, and other professionals in ministry who want to earn an accredited Doctor of Ministry […]

Prepared in Prayer: Musings on Homiletics and The Preaching Pyramid

by John Anderson As someone who feels called to the priesthood, who holds a B.S. in Bible and Preaching/Church Leadership, it should not come as a surprise that homiletics are an interest of mine. I spent 5 years learning the craft of expository preaching at Johnson University. Of course I have come to reject the […]

D.Min. Questions & Answers with Fr. Sergius Halvorsen

by Fr. John A. Peck Some time ago, I contacted Fr. John Behr at St Vladimir Seminary to ask about the dormant D.Min. program, and to inquire about the possibility of renewing it, maybe for a homiletics program, to which he responded, “It’s not dormant, it was terminated some time ago!” How happy I was […]

St. Vlad’s Offers D.Min. With Advanced Preaching Focus

Well, here it is. After discussions about the dormant D.Min. program at SVS and the need for more homiletics offerings, we now have something serious and available to us. This is on a cohort basis – it won’t be available every year. Brothers, don’t let this opportunity slide by. Tell Fr. Sergius you saw it […]

On The Septuagint In The New Testament

Bible scholars and students! Since most contemporary preaching is primarily either therapeutic or exegetical, especially during Lent, we offer this little list for your exegetical homilies. These are principle examples of why the Septuagint Old Testament is the ‘official’ Old Testament of the Orthodox Church (that and the fact that the Masoretic text didn’t even […]