Homiletics News at St. Vladimir Seminary

Fr. Sergius Halvorsen was an early supporter of Preachers Institute, and we are very happy that St. Vlad’s is taking homiletics seriously. We hope that the new hybrid D.Min. will also include a ‘Homiletics’ major, but this remains to be seen. Congratulations, Fr. Serge! Fr. Sergius Halvorsen Joins Faculty, Institutes Homiletics Course and D.Min. Hybrid Program […]

The Place For Preaching: Part 4 – Exterior Pulpit

There is a wonderful history of outdoor, or exterior pulpits, attached to Churches in the west. As stated previously, exterior pulpits were used for funeral orations in the churchyard, for the preaching of pilgrimages, or for the exhibition of relics, and were often built outside of the churches, and many cathedrals. As you will see, there is a great variety in the design and placement of exterior pulpits, adding to their flexibility of use, ornamentation, and installation.

The Place For Preaching: Part 3 – The Pulpit

by Fr. John A. Peck Part Three of a Five Part series A Short History of the Liturgical Location for Preaching: The Ambo, the Pulpit and the Lectern. The Pulpit The word pulpit comes from the Latin pulpitum, meaning a stage or scaffold. The most popular and consistent architectural ‘solution’ to a highly visible and […]

A Lesson From Preaching Class

by Fr. Barnabas Powell We are republishing this article from our good friend, Fr. Barnabas, who is the priest of Ss. Raphael, Nicholas and Irene Church in Cumming, GA  and blogger at Sober Joy, co-teaches the course PAST 7201 – Preaching: Proclaiming The Kindgom, with Fr. Nick Triantifilou, the president of Holy Cross Greek Orthodox […]

The Survey Says…

The Survey Says… Friends of Preachers Institute, thank you for participating in our online poll regarding a Doctor of Ministry degree in Orthodox Homiletics. During April and May, we asked you, our readers, what you would like to see in an advanced professional degree in Orthodox homiletics. The specific question was: What would you like […]

On A Doctorate in Orthodox Homiletics: Poll

by Fr. John A. Peck TAKE THE POLL! When we were in the early stages of discussing the mission and goals of the Preachers Institute, one that stuck out was the opportunity for advanced, intensive study of homiletics among Orthodox clergy. We decided early on that the professional degree (D. Min.), not an academic degree […]

Crossing the Finish Line!

Congratulations to our Bloggers who signed up for the 30 (40) Days of Blogging. Today is the 40th day! Your marathon journey has come to an end! Axios! I want to thank everyone for participating. I’ve been reading your blogs, and I must say, I’m impressed with your work and the incredible labor that went […]

Playing Catch: Evaluating an Effective Sermon

by Fr. Jonathan Cholcher Sermons can always be better, that is, more effective. Improvement does not happen by accident, but by the deliberate process of understanding key elements of sermon effectiveness and constantly evaluating one’s performance based on these criteria. Three key elements, or criteria, are suggested by the ancient writer Plutarch’s likening of public […]