November 2010 Sermon Awards

Congratulations to our SERMON of the MONTH Award recipients for November 2010. This month we received 15 entries in our three categories. Remember, we are now also accepting Sermon submissions for the December 2010 Awards. Whether you are a seminarian, deacon, priest or bishop you can submit your own homily, or someone else’s properly attributed […]

The Place For Preaching: Part 2 – The Ambo

by Fr. John A. Peck Part Two of our Five Part series. A Short History of the Liturgical Location for Preaching: The Ambo, the Pulpit and the Lectern. The Ambo An Ambo (pl. Ambones) is a Greek word, supposed to signify a mountain or elevation. This was understood in the west as well – and […]

The Resurrection

by Venantius Honorius Clementianus Fortunatus The seasons blush varied with the flowery, fair weather, and the gate of the pole lies open with greater light. His path in the heaven raises the fire-breathing sun higher, who goes forth on his course, and enters the waters of the ocean. Armed with rays traversing the liquid elements, […]

Homily 2: on Admonition and Repentance

by St. Ephraim the Syrian Our father among the saints, Ephraim was a prolific Syriac language hymn writer and theologian of the 4th century. He is venerated by Christians throughout the world, but especially among Syriac Christians, as a saint. Here Ephraim presents his “counsel of life”, warning against various sins such as greed, pride, […]

Homily on the Siege of Constantinople in 626 AD

by Theodore the Syncellus On the foolish attack of the Avars and godless Persians against this city, protected by God, and of their shameful retreat which the divine love brought about for mankind by the intervention of the Mother of God. I. Prophesying long ago, by the prophetic inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the benevolence of […]

Homily On The Day He Was Ordained A Priest

by St. John Chrysostom John was called to the priesthood and ordained by Flavian, bishop of Antioch, early in the year 386.  So this is the date of his first discourse: he had not yet descended into the lists, as he himself puts it.  In this essay, his modesty shines no less than his eloquence: […]

On The Priesthood

by St. John of Kronstadt Our righteous father John of Kronstadt was an archpriest of the Russian Orthodox Church. Born in 1829, from 1855, he served as a priest in St. Andrew’s Cathedral in Kronstadt. Here, he greatly committed himself to charity, especially for those who were remote from the church, and traveled extensively  throughout […]

Why We Should Preach After The Gospel

How, then, should we preach? With bedrock simplicity.