On Babbling And Repetition

The Lord Jesus Christ invented a word. It is in the Bible, but only once. That makes it important! This article explores its true meaning in context (ah, glorious context!). All Christians repeat the Lord’s Prayer, taught to do so by Jesus Himself (Matt 6:5-15). Fittingly, then, Gregory of Nyssa devoted five sermons to a […]

Was Jesus Ignorant of the Time of His Second Coming?

UPDATED! With more patristic quotes, thanks to John Sanidopoulos at Mystagogy blog. Mark 13:32 and Matthew 24:36 seem to indicate that not only are all men and angels ignorant of the time of the Second Coming of Christ, but that also Jesus is ignorant of the time of His imminent return. In fact, Jesus says […]

Sanity and the Resurrection

by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon From the beginning, the proclamation of the Gospel has always involved a claim that the full weight of universal human wisdom declares to be impossible: the resurrection of a man who had been dead in his grave for a couple of days—as distinct from the resuscitation of someone apparently dead […]

Who Can This Be?

by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon According to the indications in the gospels, a bit over two years elapsed between the event at Cana and the final events of his life. This estimate is based on the Gospel of John, which mentions three different observances of the Passover, one just after the marriage at Cana (John […]

Rabbi, Rabbi

With respect to the title “Rabbi,” it is worth remarking that not all Christians have emulated Matthew’s avoidance of the expression. In spite of the injunction to “call no man Rabbi,” Christians in the Middle East, as late as the eighth century, felt no scruple in addressing their priest as “Rabbi” cf. John of Damascus, Letter on Confession 9

The Fatherly Lessons of St. Joseph

by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon The moment of the Incarnation was not static. To be a living human being is not a static thing. Strictly speaking, the doctrine of the Incarnation does not refer simply to a state, but to a full human life. The Word became a specific human being. This is why St. […]

That All Christians Should Pray In The Name Of Jesus Christ

Clergy, Monastics and Laity By St. Symeon, Archbishop of Thessaloniki This Name of Jesus as a prayer should be said always by all the faithful with the mind and with the tongue. When standing or walking or sitting or reclining, always say it; forcing yourself to it. He will find great calm and joy in […]

Calculating Christmas

William J. Tighe on the Story Behind December 25 In this, one of my favorite articles, William Tighe explodes the notion we were all taught in public school about the ‘Christianization’ of a pagan festival for the date of Christmas. He uses historical fact to prove his point, and has thereby offered all Christians that […]