The Jewish Roots Of Baptism

by Kaufmann Kohler and Samuel Krauss This is an article from the Jewish Encyclopedia, published from 1901-1906. While it naturally does not address the sacramental nature of Christian Baptism, it does provide an excellent answer to what John the Forerunner was doing when he began baptizing penitents in the Jordan river. Baptism A religious ablution […]

The Father: His Father, Our Father

by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon In Jewish worship, it was customary to address God as “Father.” Abinu, Malkinu—“Our Father, our King” has always been a standard praise formula in the synagogue. It is not surprising, therefore, that we find this form of address in the teaching of Jesus, even as we find it in His […]

Why Did Christ Need Baptism

A question asked by many is, “Why did Jesus need to be baptized?” To answer this, let’s first explore the nature of baptism as explained by Saint John Chrysostom. Jewish Baptism Saint John Chrysostom points out that the Jewish Baptism was one of cleansing. He says, There was a Jewish baptism, which cleansed from bodily […]

Why Orthodox Christians Prefer the Septuagint: Part 2

Continued from Part One. 3. THE CASE OF THE MISSING PROPHET We have written in a previous article (“The Neutralization of the Netherworld”) that the Septuagint translation of the Old Testament represents an ancient and authentic Hebrew tradition. Due to the fact that there were variances in the Hebrew texts, the textual tradition that the […]