Jesus and Joseph: Their Shared Concern

by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon Each year the Church’s Lenten reading of Genesis reaches its climax, just on the verge of Holy Week, with the story of Joseph’s reconciliation with his brothers. The liturgical chants relevant to that story suggest why: the story of Joseph is taken as a prefiguring analogue, or typos, of the […]

The Lost Heroine Of The Old Testament: Part 2

Susannah the Heroine Part Two describes the – dare I say- hesychastic quality of Susannah’s prayer and virtue, the patristic witness of her struggle, and the parallels between her and Joseph of Egypt. Truly, a great heroine of the Old Testament, and a model for all Christians. by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon Susannah, whose name […]

Who Sold Joseph Into Slavery

By St. Nikolai Velimirovich Abba John the Short asked the monks: “Who sold Joseph?” [Genesis 37-50] One monk replied: “His brothers.” To that, the elder replied: “No brethren, rather his humility. Joseph could have said that he is their brother and could have protested to being sold but he remained silent. His humility, therefore, sold […]