Septuagint Quotes in the New Testament

Yes, the proper understanding of Scripture is a game changer (as it should be).  Of the multitude of Old Testament quotes in the New Testament, most of them came from the Septuagint (abbreviated LXX – the Greek translation of the Old Testament). This translation of the Old Testament is the oldest in existence, was widely […]

Masoretic Text vs. Original Hebrew

    by Fr. Joseph Gleason  I used to believe the Masoretic Text was a perfect copy of the original Old Testament.  I used to believe that the Masoretic Text was how God divinely preserved the Hebrew Scriptures throughout the ages. I was wrong. The oldest copies of the Masoretic Text only date back to […]

What is the Old Testament to the Christian?

by Russ Warren When I was in seminary, I focused for my STM on the study of the Old Testament (OT).  My thesis was on understanding the census numbers in the book of Numbers, so that they could be read as Christian Scripture (and not mere ‘history’). Passages such as those are often ignored in […]

Resurrection in the Old Testament?

by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon When we search for Old Testament evidence that ‘Christ must rise,’ we should be prepared to look at the Hebrew Scriptures through the lens used by the New Testament writers. Simply put, what prophetic passage did they have in mind when they declared, “it was necessary for the Christ to […]

The Necessary Gospel in the Old Testament

by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon We, as Christians, must learn the Gospel; all of it. When the New Testament uses the expression “Scriptures,” it normally refers to the Old Testament. The earliest Christian preaching appealed to that body of literature as a necessary component in the Gospel itself. For example, in the Church’s first recorded […]

No Old Testament, No Christian Theology

by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon Understanding Salvation to consist in the union of human beings with God, the Church, rather early in the history of Sacred Theology, perceived (and went on, in her conciliar determinations, to define) an intimate connection between the truth of Salvation and the truth of the Incarnation. Briefly stated, this means […]

The Lost Heroine Of The Old Testament: Part 3

Susannah, Jesus & the Church Part Three of this series shows precisely why young Christians today should ALL know the story of Susannah. by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon But if Susannah is to be likened to the unjustly accused Joseph, how much more to Jesus in the context of His passion. Both Jesus and Susannah […]

The Lost Heroine Of The Old Testament: Part 2

Susannah the Heroine Part Two describes the – dare I say- hesychastic quality of Susannah’s prayer and virtue, the patristic witness of her struggle, and the parallels between her and Joseph of Egypt. Truly, a great heroine of the Old Testament, and a model for all Christians. by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon Susannah, whose name […]