Septuagint Quotes in the New Testament

Yes, the proper understanding of Scripture is a game changer (as it should be).  Of the multitude of Old Testament quotes in the New Testament, most of them came from the Septuagint (abbreviated LXX – the Greek translation of the Old Testament). This translation of the Old Testament is the oldest in existence, was widely […]

Why Read the Old Testament: The Basics

by Fr. John A. Peck One question that I don’t get often, but do get consistently is, “Why read the entire Old Testament?” In other words, why not skip to the good parts, (the Psalms, Genesis, whatever) and leave the rest? My answer is this is really simple, and not probably what you’d expect. We […]

‘Oral’ Tradition in the New Testament

by Benedict Seraphim That there is not only solid evidence of oral tradition in the New Testament, but that Christians were commanded to hold to the oral tradition (along with the written tradition) is also based on solid evidence, and I will draw the immediate implications of these facts. First, let’s examine the evidence (all […]

The 2011 New Testament Challenge

Beginning Nov. 15th (the beginning of the Advent/Nativity Fast), we will once again be embarking on our annual challenge event to read through the entire New Testament (aloud) by Christmas! This is a great endeavor and exercise and you should join it! Read with your spouse as an Advent discipline! Join the many of us […]

The Church in the New Testament

By Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos With the incarnation of Christ we have the manifestation of the Church. The Church becomes the Body of Christ and acquires its Head, Who is Christ. Let us recall the passage in Clement of Rome which we mentioned before, according to which the Church was “first created spiritual from above, […]

The Case For Byzantine Priority: Part 4

by Maurice A. Robinson Principles to be Applied toward Restoration of the Text The Byzantine-priority position (or especially the so-called “majority text” position) is often caricatured as only interested in the weight of numbers and simple “nose-counting” of MSS when attempting to restore the original form of the NT text. Aside from the fact that […]

The Case for Byzantine Priority: Part 3

by Maurice A. Robinson The essence of a Byzantine-priority method Any method which would restore the original text of the NT must follow certain guidelines and procedures within normative NT text-critical scholarship. It will not suffice merely to declare one form of the text superior in the absence of evidence, nor to support any theory […]

The Case for Byzantine Priority: Part 2

by Maurice A. Robinson A Problem of Modern Eclecticism: Sequential Variant Units and the Resultant “Original” Text Modern eclectic praxis operates on a variant unit basis without any apparent consideration of the consequences. The resultant situation is simple: the best modern eclectic texts simply have no proven existence within transmissional history, and their claim to […]