New Testament Textual Criticism: The Case For Byzantine Priority

by Maurice A. Robinson During the month of July, Preachers Institute will be republishing an article in ten installments on Byzantine Textual Priority in New Testament Textual Criticism, from TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism. Now, I know that this is only peripherally related to preaching the Gospel, but I also know that many […]

Hell According To The New Testament

Though Bishop N.T. Wright is not Orthodox (he’s the Anglican Bishop of Durham), he explains very well the Orthodox/New Testament teaching on hell. This was originally entitled “N.T. Wright and the Orthodox View of Hell.” This is only 3 minutes long, but a very nice treatment of a contentious topic – at least, contentious since […]

Was Adam an Actual or Symbolic Figure, According to the Fathers of the Church?

From the Orthodox Outlet for Dogmatic Enquiries. There are thousands of patristic references to Adam – an immeasurable chaos. However, it will be hard to locate a verse that refers to Adam in an absolutely univocal manner; i.e., a verse that cannot but imply a specific person. An endeavor like this is a difficult one, […]

Confession of Sins in the Bible and Beyond

For those struggling with the necessity of confession, or who need to preach about it, here is what the Scriptures and the Church Fathers say about the necessary participation in this Holy Mystery. This was taken from the St. George Church of Prescott website. Confession of sins is very much a part of Biblical Faith […]

On The Septuagint In The New Testament

Bible scholars and students! Since most contemporary preaching is primarily either therapeutic or exegetical, especially during Lent, we offer this little list for your exegetical homilies. These are principle examples of why the Septuagint Old Testament is the ‘official’ Old Testament of the Orthodox Church (that and the fact that the Masoretic text didn’t even […]

Sermon 1 on the New Testament

by St. Augustine of Hippo Of the agreement of the evangelists Matthew and Luke in the generations of the Lord. 1. May He, beloved, fulfill your expectation who has awakened it: for though I feel confident that what I have to say is not my own, but God’s, yet with far more reason do I […]

Sermon 89 on the New Testament

by St. Augustine of Hippo On the words of the Gospel, John 10:30 , “I and the Father are one.” 1. You have heard what the Lord God, Jesus Christ, the Only Son of God, born of God the Father without any mother, and born of a Virgin mother without any human father, said, “I […]