The Case For Byzantine Priority: Conclusion

by Maurice A. Robinson Concluding Observations Every variant unit can be evaluated favorably from a Byzantine-priority perspective, and all units should be carefully examined when attempting to restore the original text. While some examples of Byzantine-priority analysis appear in the present essay, it is impossible within a short study to present a complete or comprehensive […]

The Case For Byzantine Priority: Part 8

by Maurice A. Robinson Selected Objections to the Byzantine-Priority Hypothesis While modern eclectics demand that the Byzantine-priority hypothesis present a reasonable defense and explanation of its theory and conclusions, their own method is ahistorical, creating a text without a theory, thereby extricating themselves from complications more severe than those faced under Byzantine-priority. Were modern eclectics […]

The Case For Byzantine Priority: Part 7

by Maurice A. Robinson A very strong presumption exists that the exemplars of the earliest genealogically-unrelated minuscule MSS were uncials dating from a much earlier time. These include the minuscules of the ninth and tenth centuries, and likely many within the eleventh century as well. Their exemplars were certainly not any contemporary uncials that only […]

The Case For Byzantine Priority: Part 6

by Maurice A. Robinson Principles of External Evidence The Byzantine-priority method looks at external evidence as a primary consideration within a transmissional-historical framework. The key issue in any unit of variation is not mere number, but how each reading may have arisen and developed in the course of transmission to reflect whatever quantitative alignments and […]

The Case For Byzantine Priority: Part 5

by Maurice A. Robinson Principles of Internal Evidence The basic principles of internal and external evidence utilized by Byzantine-priority advocates are quite familiar to those who practice either rigorous or reasoned eclecticism. At least one popular principle (that of favoring the shorter reading) is omitted; other principles are cautiously applied within a transmissionally-based framework in […]

The Case For Byzantine Priority: Part 4

by Maurice A. Robinson Principles to be Applied toward Restoration of the Text The Byzantine-priority position (or especially the so-called “majority text” position) is often caricatured as only interested in the weight of numbers and simple “nose-counting” of MSS when attempting to restore the original form of the NT text. Aside from the fact that […]

The Case for Byzantine Priority: Part 3

by Maurice A. Robinson The essence of a Byzantine-priority method Any method which would restore the original text of the NT must follow certain guidelines and procedures within normative NT text-critical scholarship. It will not suffice merely to declare one form of the text superior in the absence of evidence, nor to support any theory […]

New Testament Textual Criticism: The Case For Byzantine Priority

by Maurice A. Robinson During the month of July, Preachers Institute will be republishing an article in ten installments on Byzantine Textual Priority in New Testament Textual Criticism, from TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism. Now, I know that this is only peripherally related to preaching the Gospel, but I also know that many […]