The Lost Heroine Of The Old Testament: Part 1

Susannah What did we lose when Martin Luther senselessly discarded some books from the Bible? Most people who read the Bible know nothing about Susannah. This three part article by Fr. Patrick gives a glimpse into a powerful heroine and type for Christians, all but lost to the ‘Bible-reading’ American. With the evidence from early, […]

Why It Is Necessary To Know The Old Testament

by Protopresbyter Michael Pomazansky I love being Orthodox, and this short article describes not what theologians read, but what Orthodox Christians sing and hear in the hymnography of regular worship. This is why context and understandable communication/language is so important. We listen to the hymns and readings in Church, and two series of events are […]

The Church in the Old Testament

By Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos Adam and Eve lived an angelic life in Paradise. They were in the state of illumination of the nous, which is the first degree of the vision of God. They had communion with God. According to the teaching of the holy Fathers, Paradise was tangible and intelligible. This is said […]

Confession of Sins in the Bible and Beyond

For those struggling with the necessity of confession, or who need to preach about it, here is what the Scriptures and the Church Fathers say about the necessary participation in this Holy Mystery. This was taken from the St. George Church of Prescott website. Confession of sins is very much a part of Biblical Faith […]