The Shape of the Lord’s Prayer

by Fr. Sava Medakovic And to everyone who has ever attended one of my Bible studies – see, I was right! In biblical studies there has been a group of scholars who have been looking at the shape or the literary structure of scripture to determine more precisely the author’s intended meaning of scriptural passages. […]

On The Lord’s Prayer

By St. Cyril of Jerusalem Then, after these things, we say that Prayer which the Savior delivered to His own disciples, with a pure conscience entitling God our Father, and saying, Our Father, which art in heaven. O most surpassing loving-kindness of God! On them who revolted from Him and were in the very extreme […]

On The Lord's Prayer

by St. Cyril of Jerusalem Our father among the saints Cyril of Jerusalem (315-386) was a distinguished theologian and archbishop of Jerusalem in the early Church. His famous 23 catechetical lectures, which he delivered while still a presbyter in 347 or 348, contain instructions on the principal topics of Christian faith and practise, in a […]