Saint Athanasius and the ‘Penal Substitutionary’ Atonement Doctrine

by Kevin Allen Our friend, the award winning host of “The Illumined Heart”  Kevin Allen, is a convert to Orthodoxy from Hinduism (see his story  HERE at Journey To Orthodoxy) and is also a fair hand at theological distinction, and this article is right up our alley at Preachers Institute. I try to read St […]

“Expiation” Not “Propitiation”

by the V. Rev. John Breck Fr. John Breck (1939- ) is an archpriest and theologian of the Orthodox Church in America specializing in Scripture and Ethics. After converting to Orthodoxy from Protestantism, he served as Professor of New Testament and Patristics at St. Herman’s Orthodox Theological Seminary (Kodiak, Alaska) from 1975-1978, as Professor of […]

The Term “Propitiation” In St. Paul

By C.H. Dodd Charles Harold Dodd (April 7, 1884 – September 25, 1973) was a New Testament scholar.  In 1930 he became Rylands Professor of Biblical Criticism and Exegesis in Manchester where he remained until 1935. He was elected to the Norris Hulse Chair of Divinity at Cambridge becoming the first non-Anglican Professor of Divinity […]