Take up and Read!

To take up and read, in order to hear in Scripture God’s Word for us today, is to open both heart and mind to God in prayer. by Fr. John Breck Orthodox Christians have always known theirs to be a “biblical Church.” The Bible play a key role in virtually every aspect of our life, […]

Does God Punish Us?

by Fr. John Breck Sometimes priests come away from hearing confessions with a sense of profound sadness. That sadness is often due to the realization that we have allowed our faithful to acquire and live with images of God that are woefully distorted, images that seem to have little to do with the One who […]

“Expiation” Not “Propitiation”

by the V. Rev. John Breck Fr. John Breck (1939- ) is an archpriest and theologian of the Orthodox Church in America specializing in Scripture and Ethics. After converting to Orthodoxy from Protestantism, he served as Professor of New Testament and Patristics at St. Herman’s Orthodox Theological Seminary (Kodiak, Alaska) from 1975-1978, as Professor of […]