6 Must-Have Qualities You Should Find in Any Good Preacher

by Ben Mandrell You probably have noticed that preachers come in all shapes and sizes. There are big, gregarious, sweaty-foreheaded preachers. There are short, slim, soft-spoken preachers. There are creative preachers who always have a slick gadget or a clever object of illustration. There are King James preachers who love “thees” and “thous” of Thy […]

The Qualities of Good Preaching

by Humbert of Romans Because some things in the spectrum of human endeavors do not change. For more on this topic, see Four Characteristics of Good Orthodox Preaching, by Fr. Jonathan Cholcher. XIX. Qualities of Good Preaching It is laudable to preach more often when preaching is more necessary. Would it be just to preach […]

The Qualities Necessary For Preaching

by Humbert of Romans Chapter Two THE QUALITIES NECESSARY FOR PREACHING We shall now consider the necessary qualities of a preacher. Some pertain to his life; others to his knowledge, his language, his merit, or to his person. VII. The Preacher’s life He ought to live a truly good life. St. Gregory says, “Before preaching […]