Motives of Preachers

by Humbert of Romans Chapter Four XX. Motives for Devoting Oneself to Preaching When One is Capable of It Among the exercises of the supernatural life which occupy spiritual men in general, those who have the gift of preaching ought to consecrate themselves to it in preference to every other, and this is for the […]

The Qualities of Good Preaching

by Humbert of Romans Because some things in the spectrum of human endeavors do not change. For more on this topic, see Four Characteristics of Good Orthodox Preaching, by Fr. Jonathan Cholcher. XIX. Qualities of Good Preaching It is laudable to preach more often when preaching is more necessary. Would it be just to preach […]

Conditions For Favorably Discharging The Duty Of Preaching Well

by Humbert of Romans This week has been filled with tragedy, and preachers around the world stepped into the pulpit or on the ambo to preach to a world shaken by senselessness, to bring aid and comfort to the souls of Christ’s flock. As we approach the task, once again, of preaching on the Lord’s […]

Defects In Judgment Which Are Harmful To The Preacher

by Humbert of Romans Chapter Four XVII. Defects of Judgment Which are Harmful to the Preacher First of all, let us remark that it would be bad judgment to address oneself to those who have no wish to hear the word of God, and we ought not to preach to them. “Where there is no […]

The Culpability Of Those Who Neglect To Preach

by Humbert of Romans CHAPTER FOUR CONCERNING THE EXERCISE OF PREACHING With regard to the exercise of preaching, we shall discuss: firstly, the culpability of those who neglect to preach; secondly, the base reasons which dissuade some from this office; thirdly, what would constitute a lack of judgment in this office; fourthly, the conditions which […]

The Evils of Preaching Too Soon

by Humbert of Romans CHAPTER THREE XIV. Concerning the Evils Resulting from the Untimely Undertaking of This Office There are three evils to be noted which result from a premature and rash acceptance of the office of preaching. The first is that the good results which the preacher might have produced at the proper time […]

How One Should Begin The Office Of Preacher

by Humbert of Romans CHAPTER THREE HOW ONE SHOULD BEGIN THIS OFFICE We now consider the manner of beginning the office of preaching, and make two observations about it: Firstly, what can be found reprehensible in it; secondly, the great evils resulting from it. XIII. Wrong Motives Which Lead Some to Undertake the Office of […]

The Person Of The Preacher

by Humbert of Romans Chapter Two XI. The Person of the Preacher The qualities requisite for a preacher in regard to his person are first of all, that he be of the male sex, for St. Paul “does not want women to be permitted to speak” (I Tim. 2:12). He gives four reasons for this: […]