The Benefits Which Preaching Brings the Preacher: Part 1

by Humbert of Romans CHAPTER ONE IV. The Benefits Which It Brings to the Preacher; the Office of Preaching: Part One Let us now see what the office of preaching does for the preacher himself. Note, first of all, that he ought to be supplied with the necessities of this life, as St. Paul has […]

The Agreeableness of Preaching in the Eyes of God

by Humbert of Romans CHAPTER ONE III. Its Agreeableness in the Eyes of God To understand how much the office of preachers is pleasing to God, it is necessary to note that their discourses are like hymns. Nehemiah reports that “the singers entered upon the possession of their cities” (II Esdras 7:73) on their return […]

If The World Had No Preachers: The Necessity of Preaching

by Humbert of Romans CHAPTER ONE II. Its Necessity To know how much preaching is necessary to the world, we should remember that the souls of the Saints in heaven lift their voices before the Lord in never-ending complaint of “those who dwell on the earth” (Rev. 6:11). This cry, according to the commentators, is […]

The Qualities of Preaching

by Humbert of Romans Lately I’ve been inundated with statements by well-meaning folk who claim that preaching is not important. They don’t say it directly, but that is what they mean. Usually, they back up their statements with something like the falsely attributed ‘saying of St. Francis of Assissi’ – “Go into all the world […]