The Angels of the Churches in the Revelation of St. John

by Pope St. Gregory the Dialogist of Rome Because Holy Scripture is frequently accustomed to designate the preachers of the Church, by the name of ‘Angels’ because they announce the glory of the heavenly country, we can in this place understand ‘Angels’ to mean holy preachers. For this cause it is that John, in the […]

Conditions For Favorably Discharging The Duty Of Preaching Well

by Humbert of Romans This week has been filled with tragedy, and preachers around the world stepped into the pulpit or on the ambo to preach to a world shaken by senselessness, to bring aid and comfort to the souls of Christ’s flock. As we approach the task, once again, of preaching on the Lord’s […]

Defects In Judgment Which Are Harmful To The Preacher

by Humbert of Romans Chapter Four XVII. Defects of Judgment Which are Harmful to the Preacher First of all, let us remark that it would be bad judgment to address oneself to those who have no wish to hear the word of God, and we ought not to preach to them. “Where there is no […]

How One Should Begin The Office Of Preacher

by Humbert of Romans CHAPTER THREE HOW ONE SHOULD BEGIN THIS OFFICE We now consider the manner of beginning the office of preaching, and make two observations about it: Firstly, what can be found reprehensible in it; secondly, the great evils resulting from it. XIII. Wrong Motives Which Lead Some to Undertake the Office of […]

If The World Had No Preachers: The Necessity of Preaching

by Humbert of Romans CHAPTER ONE II. Its Necessity To know how much preaching is necessary to the world, we should remember that the souls of the Saints in heaven lift their voices before the Lord in never-ending complaint of “those who dwell on the earth” (Rev. 6:11). This cry, according to the commentators, is […]

The Qualities of Preaching

by Humbert of Romans Lately I’ve been inundated with statements by well-meaning folk who claim that preaching is not important. They don’t say it directly, but that is what they mean. Usually, they back up their statements with something like the falsely attributed ‘saying of St. Francis of Assissi’ – “Go into all the world […]

Mission Bundles Are Back til Dec. 23rd – Midnight

Well, I want to thank everyone for your input and requests. Because so many of you have requested it, Preachers Institute will continue offering our popular Mission Bundles until midnight on Dec. 23rd. For the first time, we are offering ‘Bundles’ of our Ebooks for the Advent and Christmas Season. Many of our best selling […]

PI Partners With Academy of Preachers

The Preachers Institute, the world’s premier Orthodox Christian homiletics resource, has become a national partner with the Academy of Preachers. The Academy of Preachers is an ecumenical initiative launched through a generous grant from the Lilly Endowment and energized by the conviction that Gospel preaching is a vocation of public and social significance, a calling […]