The Person Of The Preacher

by Humbert of Romans Chapter Two XI. The Person of the Preacher The qualities requisite for a preacher in regard to his person are first of all, that he be of the male sex, for St. Paul “does not want women to be permitted to speak” (I Tim. 2:12). He gives four reasons for this: […]

Was Adam an Actual or Symbolic Figure, According to the Fathers of the Church?

From the Orthodox Outlet for Dogmatic Enquiries. There are thousands of patristic references to Adam – an immeasurable chaos. However, it will be hard to locate a verse that refers to Adam in an absolutely univocal manner; i.e., a verse that cannot but imply a specific person. An endeavor like this is a difficult one, […]

Approaching The Educated Person in the Post Christian Era

by Archbishop Lazar Puhalo A retired hierarch of the Orthodox Church in America, Archbishop Puhalo is the Abbott of New Ostrog Monastery in Dewdney, British Columbia, Canada, and the author of a multitude of books and articles on the Orthodox tradition. This paper was written for a symposium in Romania, and appeared in in […]