Why Should Reading in the Orthodox Church be Unemotional?

By Fr. Andrew Chizhenko I remember the words of Alexander Griboyedov from his play “Woe from Wit”: “Read it not like an altar server, but with passion”. For centuries, that aphorism was the reason of sarcastic mockeries about church readings in intellectual circles. In fact, they do not correlate with the truth and ancient thousand […]

How to Approach the Reading of the Holy Fathers

by St. Ignatius Brianchaninov Conversation and association with neighbors has a great influence on man. Conversation and contacts with a learned person impart much knowledge; with a poet-many lofty thoughts and feelings; with a traveler-much information about the countries, morals, and manners of people. It is obvious: conversation and acquaintance with the Saints imparts saintliness. […]

On Attentiveness When Listening to the Readings

by St. John Chrysostom From Homily 58 on The Gospel of John. “If a man should come here with earnestness – even though he does not read the Scriptures at home – and if he pays attention to what is said here, within the space of even one year he will be able to  obtain  […]