The Apophatic Quality of Speaking About God

by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon It is always a good thing, surely, to examine the meanings of the words we speak, but when we speak about God critical reflection is downright imperative. Take, for instance, the adjectives “eternal” and “infinite,” which for many centuries have been used as descriptive of God. If we spend a […]

One’s Speech is Revelatory

by St. Symeon the New Theologian Just as we recognize the different nations by their clothing and most people by their voice and speech, just so then do we recognize the saints by, on the one hand, their decency and attractive behavior and other outward sign; but it is their speech, on the other hand, […]

On How Clergy Ought To Speak

by St. Ambrose of Milan The voice should not be languid, nor feeble, nor womanish in its tone — such a tone of voice as many are in the habit of using, under the idea of seeming important. It should preserve a certain quality, and rhythm, and a manly vigor. For all to do what […]