Homily On Fasting

by St. Basil the Great “Sound the trumpet at the new moon,” says the Psalmist, “in the notable day of your feast.”2 This injunction is prophetic. The Scripture readings indicate to us more loudly than any trumpet and more distinctly than any musical instrument the Feast that precedes these days. For we have learned from […]

On The Value Of The Psalms

by St. Basil the Great When, indeed, the Holy Spirit saw that the human race was guided only with difficulty toward virtue, and that, because of our inclination toward pleasure, we were neglectful of an upright life, what did He do? The delight of melody He mingled with the doctrines so that by the pleasantness […]

Hell And God’s Love: An Alternative Orthodox Approach

by Eric Simpson From the Huffington Post (!) Common depictions of the Christian doctrine of hell, perhaps borrowing images from classic literature and Dante, portray it as a place of literal fire, where tortured souls repose in anguish, a vision much used by itinerant evangelists and manipulative preachers. A further degradation of this cartoon vision […]

Sermon on the Feast of the Three Holy Hierarchs

A particular common characteristic of the three holy hierarchs was their love for scholarship and learning…We have entered the twenty-first century, where it is very unlikely that there will be any place for ignorant and half-educated clergy.

The Pastoral Power Of Theology: St. John the Goldenmouth

by Fr. John Behr A lecture delivered by Fr John Behr, Dean of St Vladimir’s Theological Seminary, at the parish of St John Chrysostom Orthodox Church, House Springs, Missouri, September 29, 2007,  on the occasion of the 1600th Anniversary of St John’s repose. In his oration of thanks to his teacher, St Gregory the Wonderworker […]

On The Psalms

by St. Basil the Great Any part of the Scriptures you like to choose is inspired by God. The Holy Spirit composed the Scriptures so that in them, as in a pharmacy open to all souls, we might each of us be able to find the medicine suited to our own particular illness. Thus, the […]

Commandments of St. Basil to Priests

On this post, we invite and want to encourage comments. I think that few clergy would argue with the instructions given below, but how many will do them or even stand up for them? Note especially the very first injunction, and it’s relationship to preaching. Taken from the Metropolis of Denver website. Study, O priest, […]

On Worship Facing East

by St. Basil the Great Our father among the saints Basil the Great (ca. 330 – January 1, 379), was bishop of Caesarea, a leading churchman in the 4th century. The Church considers him a saint and one of the Three Holy Hierarchs, together with Saints Gregory the Theologian (Gregory Nazianzus) and John Chrysostom. Basil, […]