Thoughts On Women’s Ordination

by Fr. John Morris During the last part of the twentieth century, Feminism swept through society like a raging forest fire and has become one of the most significant developments in modern history. It is not an exaggeration to state that feminism has redefined almost every aspect of contemporary American culture. Feminists and their supporters […]

What Beef Have Women Theologians with Divine Order?

Orthodox Theologies of Women and Ordained Ministry by Rebecca Herman When my husband and I, after a long struggle within the Anglican Communion, were in the process of becoming Orthodox, we were struck and comforted by our priest’s fundamental catechetical premise: “In the Church, we believe that which has been revealed to us.” With equal […]

Why Women Were Never Priests

by Alice C. Linsley A convert to Orthodoxy from being an Episcopalian priestess, Ms. Linsley renounced her priestly order in March 2004. She left the Episcopal ministry on the Sunday that Gene Robinson was consecrated and has not entered an Episcopal church since. After years of studying the question of women priests she is persuaded […]