Reporting and Reposting: Aggregate Blogging

conversation2-eastbaymuralsIn writing a blog post, often we see, even in our favorite blogs, that the author has reposted, linked to, reported on and/or commented on something they have seen on the Internet, television, heard on the radio, or read in a book, magazine or newspaper.

A news story, an opinion piece, an excellent essay, a pensive reflection, a timely article: all these make excellent blog entries. It is a snap to rewrite the title, provide a link to the original story and offer some thoughtful commentary on your blog.

Consider a few timely topics:

  • The Fall of the Berlin Wall, and all the related happenings about it;
  • The Fort Hood Massacre, fear and forgiveness in the news;
  • The Origin of the Thanksgiving Day holiday;
  • New Religions, as repackaged old ones, especially as we approach Nativity;
  • Light and Darkness – candles, votives, oil lamps, Christmas lights;
  • The Real Santa Claus, and how St. Nicholas continues to emerge as holy archpastor;
  • Being the Star of Bethlehem – indicating Christ in life for those seeking him;
  • Peace and Polarization – the Christmas message and reality in society;
  • Social Networking Media as a vehicle for Christian outreach;
  • Veterans Day, and what service means, etc.
  • How December 25th really became Christmas (contrary to popular belief), etc.

These are just a few ideas.

Aggregate blogging is just providing your readers with something you have seen.  You may write about it, reflect on it, comment on it, or critique it, or not. You can just post a segment of it with a link to the original post.

A good example of this is the American Orthodox Institute Blog, one of my favorite websites.

Now, it doesn’t mean that you have to become the Orthodox Drudge Report (though that would not necessarily be a bad thing!), but it is very common to comment on something which you have seen, heard, or read yourself that would benefit the spiritual life of your readers/parishioners.

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One final note about Aggregate Blogging – this takes the pressure off of having to come up with ‘something fresh’ from your own well of ideas. There is nothing wrong with this kind of post, and offers some good clues to readers about how you, as a clergyman/preacher/evangelist/blogger, actually read and interpret such things.

Give yourself a break and repost a blog entry from time to time.

Blog away!

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