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Due to the multitude of requests, we are making our Ebook available now. Forget “Left Behind” and the 4 Blood Moons, and make some sense of the Second Coming for your family and friends ahead of time.

Use this resource for your sermons to debunk, once and for all, this false teaching and establish in the minds and hearts of the faithful the true faith and understanding of the Second Coming.

Get your copy for only $5.00 IMMEDIATELY by clicking the Add to Cart button below. Your download link will be delivered to your inbox in seconds.

What does it contain?

  • Here are some of what you will find in this short booklet.
  • What is the Rapture? Is it in the Bible?
  • Who invented it? When was in invented?
  • What does Jesus say about taking his believers out of the world?
  • Who does the Bible say will be persecuted?
  • What do the Fathers say about the Rapture?
  • What does the Church specifically teach about it?
  • Is there a Second Coming of Christ?
  • Is there a Third Coming of Christ?

And study questions with Biblical references at the end!





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