Get “Rejecting Rapturemania” Now!

Due to the multitude of requests, we are making our Ebook available now. Forget “Left Behind” and the 4 Blood Moons, and make some sense of the Second Coming for your family and friends ahead of time. Use this resource for your sermons to debunk, once and for all, this false teaching and establish in the […]

Rejecting Rapturemania

by Fr. John A. Peck & Fr. Barnabas Powell In anticipation of the major Hollywood movie “Left Behind” which will hit theaters Oct. 5th, Preachers Institute is offering a booklet to help Orthodox Christians (and any others) understand what the Rapture is, where it came from, and what the Church teaches, and has always taught, […]

Rapturemania is Nothing New

On the Second Coming of Christ An Interview with Elder Cleopa Inquirer: Father, what can you tell us about the exact date of the Second Coming of Christ? Elder Cleopa: Christ’s true Church provides us with a number of apt testimonies which show that God did not entrust this date to anyone, neither to angels, nor to men, nor even to […]