What is "The Rapture"? Part Two

by Fr. Dimitry Cozby Let us summarize what we have found so far. St. Paul does speak of a sort of rapture, in the sense of a carrying up into the sky of the righteous at the time of the Second Coming. The Fathers generally agree on that . But St. Paul and the Fathers […]

What is "The Rapture"? Part One

by Fr. Dimitry Cozby Some of our evangelical or pentecostal neighbors occasionally speak about “the Rapture” as one of the events leading up to Christ’s Second Coming. By this they mean the physical removal from earth of the true believers in Christ in preparation for the “Great Tribulation,” a seven-year period of unparalleled calamity which […]

The Rapture – Indisputable Christian Heresy

If I were to preach something, or believe something, supposedly from the Bible, but cannot find that ANYONE ELSE before 1812 ever believed it or taught it, I would seriously question that it is based on the Bible! Thus the Rapture is foreign to the Bible and to the living tradition of the Church.