Genuine and False Experiences of the Grace of God

A recorded speech of Archimandrite George of our Holy Monastery of Saint Gregory of the Holy Mountain at Stratoni of Halkidiki, on 14/27 January 1989, at the invitation of the Most Reverend Nikodemos, Metropolitan of Hierissou, of the Holy Mountain and Ardameri. I am very pleased seeing at this evening’s meeting, a holy and blessed […]

Jurassic Park & the Protestant Quest for the Early Church: Part 3

by Robert Arakaki GMO Churches? Robert Webber’s ancient-future worship movement and Peter Leithart’s reformational-catholicism are examples of a GMO churches.  “GMO” refers to “genetically modified organism.”  Like the Jurassic Park scientists working to re-create dinosaurs, contemporary theologians and pastors are seeking to re-create the ancient Church based on their research.  Their motives may be sincere but […]

Jurassic Park & the Protestant Quest for the Early Church: Part 2

by Robert Arakaki The Lost World Scenario An alternative scenario can be found in another book written by Michael Crichton, The Lost World. “No, no,” Levine said earnestly.  “I’m quite serious.  What if the dinosaurs did not become extinct?  What if they still exist?  Somewhere in an isolated spot on the planet.” (Lost World p. 5) The Protestant view of […]

Jurassic Park & the Protestant Quest for the Early Church: Part 1

by Robert Arakaki In the movie Jurassic Park is an unforgettable scene where a group of humans see living breathing dinosaurs towering over them, munching on leaves on the tree tops.  The dinosaurs were the product of careful biological engineering.  Scientists extracted DNA from dinosaur fossils, reconstructed the original DNA strand, inserted the reconstructed DNA into egg […]

The Last Chapter of Time and the Coming of Antichrist

There are always those that try, and always fail, to predict the day of Christ’s coming. There are also those who ignore the signs of apostasy, as if it were normal or natural. Be vigilant. Among Protestant groups today there is found a marked interest in the end times. Christian bookstores have entire sections devoted […]

It is Time for the Lord to Act

by Gabe Martini Some of the most profound words of the Divine Liturgy are rarely heard. Standing at the south corner of the altar, the deacon quietly utters to the presiding priest: “It is time for the Lord to act.” This phrase sets the tone for everything in our worship. We are not performing some […]

Is the Veneration of the Cross Idolatry?

by Fr. John Whiteford Another grand slam from the Bible – from Fr. John’s “Stump the Priest” column Question: How would you answer a Protestant who considered our veneration of the Cross (bowing down before it and kissing it) to be idolatry? First we should consider whether or not bowing down before something or kissing […]

The Real Hell: A Lesson In Ontology

by Fr. Stephen Freeman Originally entitled “The Real Hell – Is There Such a Thing?” Because sometimes the people of God need a basic lesson in the nature of existence… On one of the roads leading into my small city a billboard has recently appeared. It is part of a larger campaign by a nationally […]