St. Paul’s Letter To American Christians

by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Delivered at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, Montgomery, Alabama, on 4 November 1956. I would like to share with you an imaginary letter from the pen of the Apostle Paul. The postmark reveals that it comes from the city of Ephesus. After opening the letter I discovered that […]

A Sermon For St. Thomas Sunday

by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon This sermon was the subject of some measure of animated discussion in yesterday’s Adult Sunday School class. Please, understand that this text was meant to be heard, not read. Consequently, at several points it exhibits certain truncation of ideas more explicitly spelled out in the vocal presentation. Rhetorical grammar and […]

The Duty Of Standing Fast In Our Liberties

By the Reverend Jacob Duche´ Rector of Christ Church in Philadelphia, PA, the Rev. Jacob Duché (1737–1798) was  the first chaplain to the Continental Congress. A Sermon, Preached in Christ-Church July 7th, 1775.   Before the First Battalion of the City and Liberties of Philadelphia; And now published at their Request.   Galatians, Chap. 5 […]

Unexpected Blessings: Festival of Young Preachers 2012

by Jason Ketz This past autumn, about the time that students hit their post-midterm academic lull, I was presented with a curious opportunity. One of my professors, Fr. Sergius Halvorsen, invited members of his homiletics class to apply for an all-expense-paid trip…to Louisville, Kentucky…over Christmas recess…to attend the Festival of Young Preachers! Now to some […]

A Sermon In Response To A Proclamation of National Thanksgiving

In America, as in the Church, we stand on the shoulders of giants. Happy Thanksgiving Day. I wish you a day of peace, joy and, of course, great thanksgiving to the God of nations, who has vouchsafed to us a land of liberty and freedom to do as we ought. Preach the Gospel this Sunday. […]

Metropolitan Jonah: Asceticism and the Consumer Society

His Beatitude’s remarks were delivered at the Acton University plenary session on Thursday, June 16, in Grand Rapids, Mich. AU is a “four-day exploration of the intellectual foundations of a free society” with the aim of deepening students’ knowledge of philosophy, Christian theology and “sound economics.” This year’s event attracted more than 600 people from […]

Got Rest? Finding True and Complete Rest in the Lord

by Dn. Gabreil T. Alemayehu Sermon given on January 7th 2011 at the Young Preachers’ Festival held at the Seelback Hilton Hotel in Louisville, KY. We all seek rest. Many of us spend thousands of dollars on vacations in pursuing rest. We not only seek rest, but also need rest. By our very nature, we […]

Sermon on the Feast of the Three Holy Hierarchs

A particular common characteristic of the three holy hierarchs was their love for scholarship and learning…We have entered the twenty-first century, where it is very unlikely that there will be any place for ignorant and half-educated clergy.