Homily on Thanksgiving

In anticipation of national Thanksgiving Day in the US, and the homilies which must be written and preached this coming Sunday, we offer wisdom from St. Basil, aptly called ‘The Great.’  by St. Basil the Great 1. You have heard the words of the Apostle, in which he addresses the Thessalonians, prescribing rules of conduct […]

On Thanksgiving

by Abbot Tryphon A day set aside to give thanks to God Thanksgiving has officially been an annual tradition since 1863, when during the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national day of thanksgiving to be celebrated on Thursday, November 26. The “First Thanksgiving” was celebrated by the Pilgrims after having been safely delivered […]

It is Time for the Lord to Act

by Gabe Martini Some of the most profound words of the Divine Liturgy are rarely heard. Standing at the south corner of the altar, the deacon quietly utters to the presiding priest: “It is time for the Lord to act.” This phrase sets the tone for everything in our worship. We are not performing some […]

Days 13, 14, 15, & 16

As promised, today I’m giving you the topics for the next four days, so you have some time to work ahead. Enjoy the National Holiday and blog well. These are topics worth blogging about. Here are your topics: Wednesday, November 27 – Day 13 EUCHARIST AS THE GREAT THANKSGIVING Thursday, November 28 – Day 14 […]

Whom God Would Have Us Be

by Fr. Stephen Freeman When man stands before the throne of God, when he has fulfilled all that God has given him to fulfill, when all sins are forgiven, all joy restored, then there is nothing else for him to do but to give thanks. Eucharist (thanksgiving) is the state of perfect man. Eucharist is […]

On Thanksgiving

by Fr. Stephen Freeman Everyone capable of thanksgiving is capable of salvation. Fr. Alexander Schmemann I do not believe it is possible to exhaust this topic. I have set forth a few suggestions of how we might build and maintain a life of thanksgiving. Particular thought is given to those times when giving thanks is […]

A Sermon In Response To A Proclamation of National Thanksgiving

In America, as in the Church, we stand on the shoulders of giants. Happy Thanksgiving Day. I wish you a day of peace, joy and, of course, great thanksgiving to the God of nations, who has vouchsafed to us a land of liberty and freedom to do as we ought. Preach the Gospel this Sunday. […]

The Akathist of Thanksgiving

The Akathist Hymn: “Glory to God for All Things” This Akathist, also called the “Akathist of Thanksgiving,” was composed by Protopresbyter Gregory Petrov shortly before his death in a prison camp in 1940. The title is from the words of Saint John Chrysostom as he was dying in exile. It is a song of praise […]