Review: 2013 Schedule Of Blogging Topics

Well, you did it. Congratulations! The 2013 30(40) Days of Blogging is done. Let’s take time for a quick review of just what we have accomplished. And here is what you did, all in one glance. DAY DATE TOPIC 1 Fri. Nov. 15 Beards 2 Sat. Nov. 16 Fasting and Spiritual Benefit 3 Sun. Nov. 17 […]

Day One: Beards

The first topic for our 30(40) Days of Blogging exercise is: BEARDS This is the topic for Friday, November 15th – Day one of our 40 Day blogging exercise. Oh it may seem whimsical and unimportant, but it has been considered very serious business! The Wars Over Christian Beards It matters not whether you write […]

30 (40) Days of Blogging (with a twist) Starts Soon!

For our usual readers, the upcoming Nativity fast means our 30 (40) Days of Blogging exercise, but this year we are adding a twist. There will be a theme to write about every day, provided by our site! Yes! Not sure what to write about? Leave that to Preachers Institute. Every day, starting Thursday, November […]

2013 New Testament Challenge

Beginning Nov. 15th (the beginning of the Advent/Nativity Fast), we will once again be embarking on our annual challenge event to read through the entire New Testament (aloud) by Christmas! This is a great endeavor and exercise and you should join it! Read with your spouse as an Advent discipline! Even children can do this, […]