St. Nikolai Velimirovich’s Message to the Orthodox of America

Lest we forget that the “Serbian Chrysostom” is one of our great American saints.  Let us now turn our gaze from the East to the far West, i.e., to America. About 150 years ago Orthodox people of every nationality began to come to this New World, first daring individuals, then small groups, until in our […]

“A Radical Appropriation Of The Gospel”

Bill Hinkle recently interviewed Fr. Hans Jacobse his program on OCN. Fr. Hans is the creator of the award winning site,, which is one of the top 1000 Christian websites on the internet (no small feat). He has been a priest for twenty years. Born in Holland, he has a B.A. from the University […]

A Sermon In Response To A Proclamation of National Thanksgiving

In America, as in the Church, we stand on the shoulders of giants. Happy Thanksgiving Day. I wish you a day of peace, joy and, of course, great thanksgiving to the God of nations, who has vouchsafed to us a land of liberty and freedom to do as we ought. Preach the Gospel this Sunday. […]

Brother, Can You Spare A Paradigm?

by Fr. Aris Metrakos This essay was first published June 30, 2006 on, and not only uncovers the dangers of old paradigms of priestly identity, but also reveals the only one of value in the Church. We reproduce it here with permission. Is it time to retire “paradigm shift?” This overwrought cliché is used […]