On the Last Times, the Antichrist, and the End of the World

by St. Ephraim the Syrian Dearly beloved brothers, believe the Holy Spirit who speaks in us. We have already told you that the end of the world is near, the consummation remains. Has not faith withered away among mankind? How many foolish things are seen among youths, how many crimes among prelates, how many lies […]

What Rapture? Who Will Remain at the Coming of the Antichrist?

by St. Cyril of Jerusalem Who will be these fortunate Christians, who will have the opportunity to confess and martyr during the years of the Antichrist? I consider them the greatest martyrs of all! Fifteenth Catechism on the Holy Spirit, St. Cyril of Jerusalem (d. 386)   Also by St. Cyril of Jerusalem:  The Divine […]

The Antichrist, the Cross and the Third Sunday in Lent

The Cross is our salvation. No one was ever reconciled with God except by the power of the Cross. by St. Gregory Palamas The Cross of Christ was mysteriously proclaimed in advance and foreshadowed from generations of old and no one was ever reconciled with God except by the power of the Cross. After our First Parents […]

The Last Chapter of Time and the Coming of Antichrist

There are always those that try, and always fail, to predict the day of Christ’s coming. There are also those who ignore the signs of apostasy, as if it were normal or natural. Be vigilant. Among Protestant groups today there is found a marked interest in the end times. Christian bookstores have entire sections devoted […]

The Antichrist and Chrismation

“Hence, the Shepherds of the Church must not speak only about the Antichrist and his forerunners, but first and foremost they must help Christians to live in such a way that the Grace of Baptism and Chrismation is activated, by the keeping of Christ’s commandments and doctrines, by experiencing these in one’s life in an […]