What Rapture? Who Will Remain at the Coming of the Antichrist?

by St. Cyril of Jerusalem Who will be these fortunate Christians, who will have the opportunity to confess and martyr during the years of the Antichrist? I consider them the greatest martyrs of all! Fifteenth Catechism on the Holy Spirit, St. Cyril of Jerusalem (d. 386)   Also by St. Cyril of Jerusalem:  The Divine […]

Do Orthodox Worship the Martyrs?

by St. Jerome of Stridonium “We do not worship the relics of the martyrs, but honor them in our worship of Him whose martyrs they are. We honor the servants in order that the respect paid to them may be reflected back to the Lord.”  Share the post “Do Orthodox Worship the Martyrs?” FacebookGoogle+LinkedInPinterestTwitterEmailBookmarkPrint