What Is Necessary For A Saving Confession

by St. Innocent of Alaska Our father among the saints Innocent of Alaska, Equal-to-the-Apostles and Enlightener of North America (1797-1879), was a Russian Orthodox priest, bishop, archbishop, and Metropolitan of Moscow and all Russia. He is known for his missionary work, scholarship, and leadership in Alaska and the Russian Far East during the 1800s. He […]

Why Should I Confess My Sins To A Priest

by Fr. John Dresko A priest of the Orthodox Church in America, Fr. John first published this excellent little article in March 1995. Great Lent is now upon us. It is a time for what Fr. Alexander Schmemann (of blessed memory) called “bright sadness.” It is a time, above all, for reflection and movement back […]

A Catechism on Confession

As each of us clergy/preachers prepares not only for our own confession, but to exhort and encourage the repentance and confession of our flock, I thought this article would start off a series on Confession nicely. This was originally published in the publication “The Shepherd” published by the Brotherhood of St. Edward the Martyr, London, […]

Many Confess, Few Repent

This article is an excerpt taken from the book titled “REPENTANCE AND CONFESSION”, by Monk Moses of the Holy Mountain, “Orthodoxi Kypseli” Publications, Thessaloniki. I am indebted to Fr. John Stavropoulos for bringing it to my attention. Confession is a God-given commandment, and it is one of the Sacraments of our Church. Confession is not […]