The Terms of the Ecumenical Councils and the Living Organisms

Contextual Theology: Part Four By Metropolitan Hierotheos Vlachos We all need to accept the basic position that the Church is a living reality; that She is the Body of Christ and the community of theosis and, subsequently, that the Church gives birth to Fathers and not the Fathers who give birth to the Church. This […]

Neopatristic and Postpatristic “Theology”

Contextual Theology: Part Three By Metropolitan Hierotheos Vlachos The previous example shows how contemporary theologians behave and react towards the Tradition of our Church. I have been in discussions with an Orthodox professor of biblical theology who teaches at a University abroad, but has been immensely influenced by Protestant ideas and who maintains that, since […]

“Palamite” and “Neo-Palamite” Theology

Contextual Theology: Part Two By Metropolitan Hierotheos Vlachos The fourteenth century was extremely important for the Church, because for the very first time Orthodox theology confronted the West’s scholastic theology in the persons of Saint Gregory Palamas and Barlaam respectively. In this dialogue, it became evident that Saint Gregory Palamas was the bearer and the […]

Contextual Theology: Part One

By Metropolitan Hierotheos Vlachos As one studies the texts of the Holy Bible and the Fathers, one realizes that the basis of Orthodox theology is God’s revelation – as given to the Prophets, the Apostles and the Fathers – throughout the ages. Characteristic of this is the beginning of the Epistle to the Hebrews: “Having […]