New Apostles or Old Heresy? An Orthodox Perspective on the New Apostolic Reformation

by Robert Arakaki I was recently asked to help organize a memorial service for a mutual friend.  When I was told that the “Apostle Johnson” would be doing the service, I didn’t know quite what to make of it.  I knew of the Apostle Paul who traveled around the Roman Empire planting churches and writing […]

Unhealed Healers: The Cruelty of Heresy

The cruelty of heresy is the existence of healers who cannot heal themselves, or anyone else. by Fr. George Metallinos Heresy is not just an error of the reasoning faculty, nor are heretics simply misplaced in finding the truth. In their case something happens deeper and more substantial. They know the Bible to the letter, […]

Tertullian’s Refutation of “The Fall of the Church” Heresy

by Robert Arakaki I must say Robert is becoming one of my favorite authors. A lot of people love to skim and quote the fathers and early Church writings, few actually read them thoroughly. Enjoy another hit from Robert Arakaki. The “fall of the church” heresy is widely held among Protestants but not unique to […]

Why the Filioque is a Heresy

by Fr. John Romanides Apart from the specific teaching of our Lord regarding the procession of the Holy Spirit (as recorded in John 15:26), the understanding of this Mystery is been seriously muddled by at attempt to defend the Credal addition (and the Son) which is unscriptural, as legitimate over many centuries.  Though this addition […]

The Rapture – Indisputable Christian Heresy

If I were to preach something, or believe something, supposedly from the Bible, but cannot find that ANYONE ELSE before 1812 ever believed it or taught it, I would seriously question that it is based on the Bible! Thus the Rapture is foreign to the Bible and to the living tradition of the Church.