On Infant Baptism – Is it Biblical?

by Robert Arakaki Another exceptionally well written and reasoned piece, from the Reformed-Orthodox bridge. Martin wrote: I have a question. Baptists and Pentecostals say infant baptism is not biblical.  Do we find infant baptisms in the Bible? I heard someone say that this practice started around year 200. Where can I find the earliest teachings […]

The High Christology of the Pre-Pauline Church Creeds

The primitive Church was far from primitive in their understanding, and expression, of Christology. by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon The most primitive confessional formulas of Christology (those preserved, for instance, in Romans 1:3-4 and Galatians 4.4) continued to shape the Church’s understanding of Jesus through the second century (Justin and Irenaeus, for instance). This pattern […]

Tertullian’s Refutation of “The Fall of the Church” Heresy

by Robert Arakaki I must say Robert is becoming one of my favorite authors. A lot of people love to skim and quote the fathers and early Church writings, few actually read them thoroughly. Enjoy another hit from Robert Arakaki. The “fall of the church” heresy is widely held among Protestants but not unique to […]

The Eighth Day

To the early Christians, Sunday was not only the first day of the week but was also symbolically the Eighth Day — the Day of Christ’s Resurrection after the “old sabbath”, when a “new creation” was made to replace the original seven day creation as described in Genesis. The concept of a new “Eighth Day” […]

When His Glory Is Made Manifest

by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon There is wisdom and merit in the impulse to study the writings of Peter and Mark together; the First Epistle of Peter and the Gospel of Mark were both composed at Rome, in close sequence, and, as far as we can determine, in the context of the same crisis: the […]

Orthodox Roots of African Americans

By Victor Beshir “According to revisionist historians and their ilk, Islam was and is the great liberator of Africa, and Christianity was and is the great enslaver. In fact, quite the opposite is the Truth.” – John Sanidopoulos February is Black History Month. Many organizations celebrate the event, especially universities and other educational institutes. It […]