On Infant Baptism – Is it Biblical?

by Robert Arakaki Another exceptionally well written and reasoned piece, from the Reformed-Orthodox bridge. Martin wrote: I have a question. Baptists and Pentecostals say infant baptism is not biblical.  Do we find infant baptisms in the Bible? I heard someone say that this practice started around year 200. Where can I find the earliest teachings […]

More on the Star of Bethlehem

On the Star of Bethlehem Every year around Christmas, reports appear in the papers or on television which claim to give an astronomical explanation of the Star of Bethlehem: It was a comet, we’re told, or a supernova, or a reading in an astrological horoscope. These speculations miss the early Christian understanding of the Star […]

The Eighth Day

To the early Christians, Sunday was not only the first day of the week but was also symbolically the Eighth Day — the Day of Christ’s Resurrection after the “old sabbath”, when a “new creation” was made to replace the original seven day creation as described in Genesis. The concept of a new “Eighth Day” […]