Does Everyone Have Equal Access To Things Unseen?

by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon It is instructive to reflect on the apparent implausibility—indeed, the scandal—of the biblical claim to a favored position for a particular people within history. How is it possible that any people could be God’s chosen people? The claim represents an affront to both the Perennial Philosophy and the widespread religious […]

Disaster & Disillusion: History Without The Messiah

by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon History was not kind to the Jewish people during the century following the trial of Jesus. Just before that trial, Israel’s last prophet wept over Jerusalem and foretold the destruction of its Temple, and within a generation of that prophecy the Holy Land was engulfed in a series of Jewish […]

The Historical Development of Holy Week Services In Orthodoxy

The Paschal fast of Holy Week1 is the most ancient part of the Great Fast.2 It is already well attested by the second century, in conjunction with the rites of Christian initiation through baptism. At first spanning one or two days, the fast lengthened to four and then to a full six already by the […]

The Place For Preaching: Part 2 – The Ambo

by Fr. John A. Peck Part Two of our Five Part series. A Short History of the Liturgical Location for Preaching: The Ambo, the Pulpit and the Lectern. The Ambo An Ambo (pl. Ambones) is a Greek word, supposed to signify a mountain or elevation. This was understood in the west as well – and […]