“You Baptize Babies?”

by Fr. Aidan Wilcoxson Do we baptize babies? Do we!  As an Orthodox priest here in Central Texas, I get that question on a fairly regular basis. A lot of congregations in this area only baptize adults or children who are old enough to understand what happens in the ceremony, so folks are just naturally […]

Disaster & Disillusion: History Without The Messiah

by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon History was not kind to the Jewish people during the century following the trial of Jesus. Just before that trial, Israel’s last prophet wept over Jerusalem and foretold the destruction of its Temple, and within a generation of that prophecy the Holy Land was engulfed in a series of Jewish […]

On The Holy Sacrifice

St. Gregory the Great, the Dialogist ca. 540-604 And here also we have diligently to consider, that it is far more secure and safe that every man should do that for himself while he is yet alive, which he desireth that others should do for him after his death. For far more blessed it is, […]

The Orthodox Understanding of Primacy and Catholicity

by Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev In the Orthodox tradition the theme of primacy is closely connected with that of church authority, which, in its turn, is for the Orthodox theologian indivisible from the idea of ‘catholicity’ or ‘conciliarity.’ As is well known, for various historical reasons the Orthodox Church never had and to this very day […]

Orthodox Roots of African Americans

By Victor Beshir “According to revisionist historians and their ilk, Islam was and is the great liberator of Africa, and Christianity was and is the great enslaver. In fact, quite the opposite is the Truth.” – John Sanidopoulos February is Black History Month. Many organizations celebrate the event, especially universities and other educational institutes. It […]

Sermon on the Day of His Ordination

by St. Leo the Great Our father among the saints, Leo the Great was the bishop of Rome during difficult times. He was an eminent scholar of Scripture and rhetoric. During an invasion by Attila the Hun, St. Leo met him outside the gates of Rome. After some short words, to everyone’s surprise, Attila turned […]