Christ: The Fulfillment Of All Old Testament Sacrifices

by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon In First Peter the sufferings and death of Jesus serve to bolster a pervasive exhortation to Christian patience, service, and longsuffering, following the example given in the Lord’s Passion. This moral preoccupation with patience in affliction reflects the hostile environment in which Peter’s Christians were obliged to live, despised outcasts […]

On The Holy Sacrifice

St. Gregory the Great, the Dialogist ca. 540-604 And here also we have diligently to consider, that it is far more secure and safe that every man should do that for himself while he is yet alive, which he desireth that others should do for him after his death. For far more blessed it is, […]

The Eucharist As Sacrifice

Compiled by Maximus Scott Philip Schaff 1819-1893 The Catholic church, both Greek and Latin, sees in the Eucharist not only a sacramentum, in which God communicates a grace to believers, but at the same time, and in fact mainly, a sacrificium, in which believers really offer to God that which is represented by the sensible […]

Three Characteristics of Christian Prayer

by Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon Senior Editor of Touchstone Magazine, and archpriest of All Saints Orthodox Church in Chicago, IL, Fr. Patrick is, perhaps, the most erudite writer in the Orthodox Church in North America today. This article, one of his Pastoral Ponderings, was published by Publican and Pharisee The Lord’s account of the […]