The Reason Orthodox Christians Cross Themselves from Right to Left

Orthodox cross themselves from right to left. first we will describe the mechanics of making the cross, then explain why it is indeed important that we make the sign of the cross correctly. Placing the cross on oneself 1) We place our thumb and first two fingers together in a point, and our last we […]

On Sola Scriptura: The Mind of the Church

  This was taken from the Our Life in Christ Program. It is a must read. From Hank Hanegraaff’s CRI Series What Think Ye of Rome (Part 3) CRI – All Apostolic Traditions are in the Bible OLIC: We agree! Most people just haven’t underlined all of them. CRI – It is true that the […]

Are You Part of the Problem, or Are You Part of the Solution? An Interview with Fr. Robert Taft

by Dcn. Andrei Psarev The legacy of Archimandrite Robert Taft S.J. is so significant that no one who is seriously interested in the evolution of the Divine Liturgy can afford to ignore it. In his interview the esteemed scholar, indeed, the “patriarch” of Byzantine liturgical studies, tells us about his life-long relations with representatives of the […]