Symbolism, Ritual and Revelation: Part 3

Symbolism and Neuroplasticity: the work of the mind in the brain. by Archbishop Lazar Puhalo This essay is not being written for every level of reader. It is intended to respond to a stream of rationalism which is drawing a kind of Episcopalization or Anglican style “liturgical reform” movement within the Orthodox Church. There are […]

Symbolism, Ritual and Revelation: Part 2

The Human Need For Symbolism and Ritual by Archbishop Lazar Puhalo Recently, near our monastery, a seventeen years old girl was killed in an auto accident. She had been speeding and lost control of her car. By evening, there were dozens of candles burning beneath the tree into which she had crashed. Mounds of flowers, […]

Symbolism, Ritual and Revelation: Part 1

Valid icons consist in types and symbols, not in interpretations of reality by the fallen human mind. All elements of a canonical icon are symbolic and contain a profound revelation; there are no naturalistic elements in this Liturgical art.

The Works of Fr. John Romanides

By Metropolitan Hierotheos Vlachos Occasionally, some people critically assess the theological works of the blessed professor Fr. John Romanides, and they express some views, especially recently, over his perception of theological and spiritual issues. It is weird that such assessments are being made after his repose, when he himself is no longer able to reply […]

Some Characteristic Features of Orthodoxy

by Fr. Dumitru Staniloae Our father Dumitru was a priest of the Church of Romania who was renowned as an Orthodox theologian, academic, and professor. In addition to commentary on the works of the Church Fathers and a Romanian translation of the Philokalia, his 1978 masterpiece The Dogmatic Orthodox Theology established him as one of […]