The Last Chapter of Time and the Coming of Antichrist

There are always those that try, and always fail, to predict the day of Christ’s coming. There are also those who ignore the signs of apostasy, as if it were normal or natural. Be vigilant. Among Protestant groups today there is found a marked interest in the end times. Christian bookstores have entire sections devoted […]

From Time to Eternity, the Internal Mission of Our Church: Part 2

by St. Justin Popovich Fr. Justin Popovich, was a renowned Serbian theologian. A patristic scholar, poet and true philosopher, who had command of several languages, he devoted his many talents to defending the Faith against ecumenism-for which he was called “the conscience of the Serbian Church”-and unmasking the true face of humanism as a regression […]

From Time to Eternity, the Internal Mission of Our Church: Part 1

The parish, the parish community must be reborn, and in Christ-loving and brother-loving love humbly serve Christ and all people with meekness and humility, with sacrifice and self-denial. This service ought to be saturated and nourished by prayer and a liturgical life. This is fundamental and absolutely essential. But all of these demand as a prerequisite that our hierarchs, our priests, our monastics become ascetics, and for this: Let us beseech the Lord.