Restoring The Resurrection Gospel To The Orthodox Parish

by Fr. John A. Peck When we prepare to preach the Gospel, the Orthodox priest is almost certainly hogtied by one weakness – the Orthodox lectionary calls for the Resurrectional Gospels to NOT be read during Sunday Divine Liturgy, the only service most of his parishioners are going to attend. The problem, of course (for […]

On the Importance of Attending the Evening Divine Services

by Mitred Archpriest Valery Lukianov Man’s life is a chain of alternating links of labor and rest. There are always more men who love repose than those who prefer labor. And, true, it is characteristic of human nature to strive more for consolation than for labor. Thus, man loves the beauty of the body; he […]

Appreciating Vespers

by Fr. Lawrence Farley I’ve said for many years that I can guarantee a way to keep children from attending church when they are adults – and that is to make sure they only attend church on Sundays – every Sunday is even better. However, if you want to make sure your children grow in […]